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    Insulated Cutters | Electrician Wire Cutters

    Insulated cutters or electrician cutters are designed for use by electricians when carrying out electrical work including working with electrical installations and electrical devices. Insulated cutters have insulated handles made from a non-conductive material such as plastic or rubber and are often colour coded, usually red and yellow, for easy identification. It is essential that insulated cutters have a voltage protection which meets safety standards and regulations to protect the user against electric shocks when working with live circuits. Safety standards for electrical products are set by ˈVerband der Elektrotechnikˈ (VDE) which is the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany. To be called a ˈVDE cutterˈ the tool is thoroughly tested to ensure it meets specific safety standards set by the VDE organization or similar safety certification bodies. A cutter with VDE certification ensures it provides a certain level of protection against electrical hazards and will have the VDE logo or voltage rating on the handle to identify to the user that it is approved and safe to use.

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