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    Omron Safety Relays

    Safety relays are devices which look for potential issues within a plant, machine or other system and carry out tasks to ensure safe operation, where necessary. As a first line of defence against unsafe working and accidents they are especially important – keeping staff safe and operations running. Safety relays are generally quick and easy to install and use, and are available in single and multi-function varieties.

    You'll find safety relays used just about anywhere people and machinery come together. Industrial functions and applications include:

    • Emergency Stop Buttons
    • Light Curtains
    • Safety Switches and Interlocks
    • Two Hand Controls

    With almost 100 years experience of working in electronics, OMRON know how important it is to safely integrate people with machinery. That's why they're market leaders in machine safety. They offer a comprehensive range of options to suit all locations and take pride in their credentials in this field. Here at RS we have a great selection of Omron Safety Relays to choose from.

    The OMRON G9SE Safety Relays are compact and easy to install and can be used to run everything from emergency stop controls to light curtains to interlocks. They have a slim design, measuring just 17.5-22.5mm – perfect when space is at a premium. These relays feature 2 or 4 safety outputs and some G9SE models allow for a safety delay. Push-in Plus connections mean no tools are required for wiring – making set up even quicker and easier. They are often used in manufacturing and packaging as well as for safely operating lifts and escalators.

    The OMRON G9SA Safety Relays can be used in a number of ways. The 301 and 501 versions feature 3 and 5 safety contacts respectively and are used to control emergency stop functions, while the 321 varieties feature an emergency stop delay where required to allow for a safe stopping procedure. There is also a two-handed option. These G9SA units can be mounted with DIN track or screws.

    OMRON G9SB Relays are ultra slim – freeing up vital space. These safety relays also control emergency stop functions and feature 2 or 3 safety contacts.

    To keep your people safe and your operations running smoothly browse our range of OMRON Safety Relays, and find the perfect fit for your application.

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