Light Fittings & Luminaires

Light fixtures, also called luminaires or fittings are the physical structures that will hold the bulb and help create the light by allowing the electricity to pass into the lamp. Whether outfitting a warehouse, an industrial space, office cubicles, or a home, there will be a need for different types of fittings and lamps to provide a solution to all of your lighting needs. Our range includes fittings for everything from halogen and LED lighting to HID, fluorescents, and incandescent bulbs from brands such as Crompton, Thorlux, Philips, Waldmann and RS Pro.

What types of light fittings and luminaires are available?

Since there is such a wide range of lighting types with different names, technologies and styles, it is important to take the time to choose the right fittings and luminaires so that you achieve the proper lighting levels. Light fittings have many different names and many different styles, each has their own unique use and characteristics. The following are some of the most popular and common types available:

  • Machine inspection lights - commonly used in workshops and garages, they make it easier to inspect work and identify issues. You can find halogen, compact fluorescent, LED, and other options with a variety of mounting styles, as well as portable options.
  • Downlights – typically round or square and recess into the ceilings. However, in some cases, they may be mounted to the ceiling instead.
  • Low bay – rectangular or square boxes capable of holding high-intensity lamps. They are generally used for industrial purposes and mount at low heights.
  • High bay – these are very similar to the low bay fittings however, these are generally mounted higher.
  • Ceiling lights - are a very common type of light fixture and can be found in homes, offices and factories. Types include recessed lights, pendant lights, flush fitting lights and more. Ceiling lights can be used with different types of bulbs including incandescent, energy efficient bulbs, halogen lights, fluorescent lights. Ceiling lights are found in homes, offices, factories, and many other buildings and structures.
  • Floodlights - powerful lights that are capable of emitting light over large areas such a sports field or car park.

Others are types of fittings are available, browse our full range for more details.

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