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    High Bay LED Lights

    High bay light fixtures are used in buildings with elevated ceilings to provide well-distributed and uniformed light for open areas. As high bay luminaires are typically so far from the ground level, they are more powerful lights and are often made using LED lights to make them energy efficient. This makes them particularly well-suited to harsher indoor environments, such as manufacturing floors and others where there may be a higher concentration of airborne particulates that could obstruct light or even damage less robust fittings.

    Due to the high level of brightness and instant illumination often required by high bay lighting, LED lighting is a popular format as it can meet these requirements as well as offering companies a high energy efficiency. LED high bay fixtures do not necessarily feature as wide a range of styles as can be found in low bay lighting, with the focus being on functionality to ensure wide and uniform illumination coverage.

    When are high bay fixtures used?

    LED high bay lighting is used whenever it is difficult to achieve bright and uniform illumination across wide expanses of floor and space, typically in spaces with a ceiling height of approx. 8 m/20ft up to approx.14m/45ft. They can be configured in a variety of ways in order to best suit the space they are installed in, as well as to avoid spotting or poor uniformity across both horizontal or vertical surfaces.

    Commonly used across industrial and commercial spaces, high bay lighting would typically be found in areas such as hangars, garages, loading bays, industrial facilities, warehouses, factories, and even shopping centres and entertainment venues.

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