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    Emergency Light Switches & Conversion Kits

    Emergency lighting accessories are essential products to have available when items need replacing, stored as spares or add-ons used to enhance the functionality and extend the useful life of emergency lights. Our range of accessories have been sourced from trust brands such as; Schneider Electric, Knightsbridge, Philips Lighting, EMERGI-LITE, RS PRO and many more. There is a broad range of emergency lighting accessories including; Escape route signsBatteriesBulbsEmergency light conversion kitsSelf-test switchesLighting unit coversEmergency lighting wire guardsMounting brackets

    Common uses for emergency lighting accessories

    Battery packs, for example, provide emergency backup power when there is a power outage. Suitable for emergency lighting luminaires, replacement batteries can be used to replace dead batteries in self-powered emergency warning lights. Steel wire guards protect emergency exit signs and lights from breakage or other damage. Mounting brackets can be used to strategically position emergency exit signs and are available in different mounting options to suit a range of applications. Escape route signs designed for use with LED (light emitting diode) emergency bulkheads, self-adhesive universal legend kits allow bulkhead lights to be used as fire exit signs. Emergency lighting conversion kits allow most existing types of lights with constant current drivers, to be converted to give a 5W emergency backup power using a self-contained high temperature battery power. The conversion kits are suitable for converting existing light fittings to emergency operation. These kits provide a sensible solution when fitting dedicated emergency luminaries is not possible. Supports a variety of LED and compact fluorescent light sources offering standard, self-test and DALI self-test.


    Emergency light accessories are used with emergency lighting products in industrial and commercial applications.

    Why choose RS for emergency lighting accessories?

    We have supported Industrial & Commercial industries with high-quality emergency lighting and accessories, keeping your lighting working at their optimum and ensure in the event of an emergency personnel are able to follow evacuation protocols should the need arise.

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