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    Fly Killer Lights

    Fly Killer Lights

    Fly killer lights emit UVA (ultraviolet type A) rays which match the eye sensitivity of the house fly. UVA lighting is the most effective way to attract flying insects, such as flies, moths and mosquitoes. Electrically charged metal grids within the fly killer light fittings electrocute the insects when they fly towards the light and encounter the grids. The fly killer lights, bulbs and lamps are the most effective way to get rid of any flying insects. Fly killer light bulbs are tube lamps used in electric fly killer lights for insect control. These are replacement bulbs for fly killer light fittings.

    How do they work?

    These tube lights are essentially UV bulbs that have the perfect wavelength to attract insects, such as flies. The wavelength of UV that they use is aimed at the sensitivity of the insect's eyes.Once the insect is attracted to the light, it will fly towards it. The outer light fitting will have an electrical current with "zaps" the insect. The majority of fly killer bulbs use UVA.

    What are fly killer lights & fittings used for?

    Fly killer lights & fittings are recommended for use in areas where food is served, prepared or eaten, either at home, in a business or in a commercial environment. This is because they use no chemicals, create no smell and are pollution-free. Consider installing your fly killer lamp at an entry point to attract the insects before they reach the food.

    Types of fly killer light fittings

    Fly killer light fittings can be used free-standing, wall-mounted or suspended from the ceiling by a chain. It's best to fit them with shatterproof UVA tubes but they can be fitted with non-shatterproof if shatterproof is not available.

    What type of lights, bulbs and lamps are they?

    Fly zapper bulbs are traditionally tube lights as they offer a uniform light across a longer length. They are either straight tubes or U-bend tubes, depending on the device they are compatible with.Each bulb has a specified base that must match your fly killer light fitting. These include G5, G10q G13 and G23 bases.Fly killer bulbs are classified into sizes by their diameter. For example, T5 is 5/8 of an inch and T8 is 8/8 of an inch, so one inch.Fly killer bulbs emit UV light which is around 350-370nm. This has a blue-purple appearance. Fly zappers are available with free next day delivery.

    Fly Killer Lights can help support a healthy building by improving Dusts & Pest

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