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    Emergency Lighting

    Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs are essential products for commercial and industrial buildings. Their primary purpose is to illuminate space and indicate where emergency exits are situated so personnel can leave their area safely. Emergency lighting is commonly found in office blocks and hallways near emergency exits or on outbuildings illuminating light in various directions.

    They provide a secondary light source in the event of an emergency or power outage in a building or space. You can learn more via our safety and emergency lighting guide.

    Browse our range of emergency lighting and choose your ideal solution. Our offer includes emergency bulkhead lights, self-test emergency lighting, LED exit signs, Twin-spot, and much more. We consistently update our range bringing you high-quality products from leading brands such as Emergi-Lite, Knightsbridge, Legrand, and our very own RS PRO.

    Types of Emergency Lighting

    • LED exits
    • Bulkhead lighting
    • Twin spot
    • Self-test lighting
    • Recessed lighting
    • Wall lighting

    How do emergency light fittings work?

    An emergency light fitting is designed with a separate, isolated power source, and can also be connected to a building's main power circuitry. If there is an emergency, this provides backup and allows the lighting to turn on or remain on automatically.

    What is the difference between maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting?

    Maintained emergency lighting's purpose is to be lit continuously and will stay lit when there is a power failure or an emergency such as a fire. A maintained emergency light will allow the pathways or areas to be permanently illuminated and usually helps guide people to exit signs and safety. Sometimes these types of lighting solutions can double up as a normal light fitting.

    Non-maintained emergency lighting has been designed to switch on in the instance of an emergency or power outage to help provide lighting to people who need to make their way to an exit or to follow an escape route. This kind of lighting solution provides a battery backup light source.

    Why choose RS for emergency lighting?

    We have supported Industrial & Commercial industries with high-quality lighting for many years. We also supply technical information giving you confidence to reach the ideal solution.

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