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    LED Emergency Bulkheads

    LED emergency bulkheads are practical, durable, and easy to maintain lighting, commonly found on ceilings and side walls in commercial & industrial applications. The LED light contained within the bulkhead provides a crisp bright light, excellent for illuminating spaces liked corridors, outbuildings, and shelters.

    LED emergency bulkheads are available with an emergency exit sign incorporated into the design. When illuminated they clearly indicate to personal where the emergency exit is located. Ideal for your business evacuation protocols.

    Our range of LED emergency bulkheads are sourced from trusted brands Legrand, Knightsbridge, RS PRO, and many more.

    Why is emergency lighting so important?

    It is essential that all occupied buildings should have escape lighting to allow for safe exit should mains power fail. Emergencies luminaires have fitted back up batteries that are continuously charged during standard operation and have at least 3 hours of power. Lights must be installed to provide sufficient illumination according to the different areas of premises and must conform to the latest legislation.


    • Office blocks
    • Emergency exits
    • Corridors
    • Outbuildings
    • Shelters
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