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    Gedore Socket sets

    Gedore's socket are carefully designed and engineered, these sets cater to the diverse needs of professionals and for everyday domestic maintenance and furniture assembly, making them an essential addition to any toolkit. The comprehensive range includes:

    • Hex bit
    • 3-point
    • 12-point sockets

    These are all available in metric sizes, ensuring versatility for a wide array of tasks, from automotive repairs to industrial projects.

    What sets Gedore apart?

    Its commitment to quality and precision. Each socket, be it hex bit, 3-point, or 12-point, undergoes careful manufacturing to meet stringent industry standards, guaranteeing top-notch performance and longevity. The inclusion of a ratchet in each set further enhances convenience and efficiency, providing a complete solution for your toolkit.

    Investing in Gedore socket sets means investing in tools that offer accuracy and durability. Equipped with hex bit, 3-point, and 12-point sockets, along with the convenience of an included ratchet such as the 15-Piece Metric 1/2 in Standard 6 point set, these sets prepare you for any task that comes your way. Upgrade your toolkit with Gedore's socket set, and experience the perfect blend of quality, precision, and versatility.

    To learn how to use socket sets, what they are or to understand the different types of sets, visit our guide: Socket sets

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