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    Ck Socket Sets

    Socket sets are tool sets that feature a range of sockets in different sizes. Ratchet Sets include a ratchet as well as sockets, other sets may include socket bits or other associated tools such as [Socket & Spanner Sets](https://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/hand-tools/spanners-sockets-wrenches/socket-sets/?applied-dimensions=4290203941, 4290206216,4290206225,4290206227).

    Types of Socket Set

    Some popular types of socket set include the following:

    Impact Socket Sets: Impact Socket Sets or impact driver socket sets contain a range of impact sockets for use with impact wrenches or impact drivers

    Deep Socket Sets: Deep Socket Sets or long reach socket sets contain a range of deep sockets with a longer reach than standard sockets

    Torx Socket Sets: Torx Socket Sets or Star socket sets contain a range of sockets with an internal or external torx head for use with Torx screws or bolts.

    Allen Key Socket Sets: Allen Key Socket Sets or hex socket sets contain a range of sockets designed for use with hex screws or Allen bolts.

    Socket sets are available as both metric socket sets and Imperial Socket Sets with different drive sizes including 3/8 Socket Sets and 1/2 Socket Sets

    RS also brings you socket sets from a wide range of leading brands including Bahco Socket Sets and Wera Socket Sets

    See also our range of Socket Wrenches

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