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    Ratchet Sets | Socket Wrench Sets | Ratchet Socket Sets

    A ratchet set, socket wrench set or ratchet socket set is a type of socket set where an assortment of sockets is supplied along with the a handle. The socket is attached to the ratchet handle which then turns in the direction set by an internal mechanism built into the ratchet to either tighten or undo a bolt. Ratchet sets may also include extensions or adapters that are used with the ratchet handle to reach nuts or bolts that are in difficult to access spaces. Ratchet sets are efficient and easy to use and enable fasteners to be tightened or loosened more quickly and precisely than conventional spanners or wrenches. Ratchet sets are used in a wide range of industries such as automotive repair, machinery maintenance, construction as well as in domestic and DIY applications and are available with both metric and imperial sockets and a range of socket sizes and configurations.

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