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    Impact Socket Sets | Impact Driver Socket Sets

    Impact socket sets or impact driver socket sets contain a range of sockets designed for use with impact wrenches or impact drivers which can handle a higher level or torque than standard sockets. Impact sockets have thick walls and are made from a tough material usually chrome molybdenum steel (chromoly) or other tough alloys that provide increased strength and durability. Impact sockets are designed to distribute force evenly across the socket to avoid the socket shattering due to the vibration and torque created when using impact tools. Impact socket sets contain sockets to suit a wide range of fastener sizes, they are also available as deep impact socket sets where the sockets have a longer length or reach for difficult to access bolts. Impact socket sets are used in a wide range of industries including automotive repair, machinery maintenance and construction where extra torque is required to tighten or loosen bolts

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