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    Eaton Cartridge Fuses

    If you're in need of low-cost, easily replaceable overload protection for your circuits, equipment and appliances, Eaton cartridge fuses are the perfect solution.

    Eaton have a huge array of cartridge fuses to choose from here at RS. Options include ceramic, melamine, glass and fibreglass, so you can pick fuses to suit a wide range of applications.

    What are Cartridge Fuses?

    They are a type of protective device for electrical circuits, safeguarding them against overcurrent and short circuit events. Excessive current can cause damage to equipment and even start electrical fires, so it's highly important to prevent this. How do they work? Well, when overcurrent conditions occur the fuse element inside a cartridge fuse will melt, instantly interrupting the flow of electricity.

    The advantages of using this type of fuse is that they respond immediately, they can be quickly and easily replaced, they are space-efficient, safe, and they are a low-cost solution. There is also a huge variety available to suit different sizes and voltage ratings, meaning that you can use them in many different types of installations such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

    Eaton fuses are designed to ensure excellent circuit protection. They offer advantages such as high breaking capacity, nickel plated end caps, fast and slow acting options, and a variety of current ratings available. Many feature a conveniently compact design and tool free installation, making them a versatile and time-saving choice. Their offer also includes the well-known Bussman fuses range.

    Eaton is a trusted global leader in power management solutions and technology, with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-performance products. They're ideally placed to solve the most complex challenges for businesses today through their high-quality standards and commitment to innovation.

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