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    Altech Cartridge Fuses

    RS are pleased to offer you a selection of high-quality cartridge fuses from the well-known brand Altech. Altech cartridge fuses are available in a range of sizes, amperages, voltages, and fuse speeds. Altech fuses have been designed and tested to meet UL and international standards, as well as being RoHS and REACH compliant.

    Where would I use an Altech Cartridge fuse?

    Selecting the correct fuse for your application is critical. Fuses are safety devices designed to protect electrical equipment and devices from damage due to short circuits or overload. Our range of cylinder fuses is mainly used in tough industrial applications such as motors and drives and other equipment.Some of the most common markings on these types of fuse are:

    • gL = Mainly used for cable and line protection
    • aM = Used for the short circuit protection of motor circuits
    • gPV = Used for solar and photovoltaic protection
    • gR = Used for the protection of semiconductor devices
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