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    1.6a Slow-Blow Fuse

    In the realm of electrical protection, the 1.6A Slow-Blow Fuse has been crafted for precision and longevity, to ensure uninterrupted circuit safety while offering versatility for various applications.

    The 1.6A Slow-Blow Fuse has a current rating of 1.6 amperes and is designed to respond to overcurrent’s with a slight delay, ensuring your circuits remain unharmed. It's your guarantee for equipment performance and durability. These types of fuses add an extra layer of protection by reducing the risk of short circuits, overheating, and electrical fires.

    This fuse is built to withstand the test of time, reducing maintenance costs and minimising downtime, all while preserving the health of your electrical components.

    Whether you're in automotive, industrial, or residential settings, these slow blow fuses offer versatile solutions. It seamlessly integrates into various electrical systems, becoming an essential component for all your needs.

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