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    Glass Cartridge Fuses

    Glass cartridge fuses, also known as glass tube fuses, are electrical fuses that consist of a glass tube with metal caps on both ends. They are designed to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent conditions by breaking the circuit when the current exceeds a certain level. The glass tube contains a fusible element, usually made of a metal or alloy with a low melting point.

    When a fault occurs in the circuit, such as a short circuit or excessive current, the fusible element inside the glass cartridge fuse heats up due to the increased current flow. Once the current exceeds the fuse's rated value, the fusible element melts and breaks the circuit, effectively protecting the electrical equipment from damage.

    Glass cartridge fuses are available in various sizes and current ratings to match different applications and voltage levels. 


    • Automotive
    • Residential electrical systems
    • Commercial and industrial electrical systems
    • Electronics
    • Power supplies
    • HVAC systems
    • Renewable energy systems

    RS stocks a wide range of glass cartridge fuses from leading suppliers such as Eaton, Littelfuse, Schurter and RS PRO.


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