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    ABB RCBO's are residual circuit breakers with over current protection, that combine the functionality of an RCD and MCB to protect against two types of faults, over-current and residual current. Over-current can show in two ways, by either short circuit, or overload. Overload occurs when the power being drawn from the circuit exceeds the capacity of the cable and is a result of too many devices being in use in the circuit. Short circuit occurs when neutral and live conductors come in to contact with one another, causing electrical current to rush around the circuit in a loop and multiply the amperage by many thousands. Residual current, also referred to as earth leakage, occurs when a circuit is broken accidently through DIY accidents or poor wiring. ABB RCBO's effectively protect equipment and users from these two fault types.

    How does an ABB RCBO work?

    Within ABB's RCBO's range, a residual circuit breaker with over current protection works by disconnecting the circuit as soon as the current becomes unbalanced, protecting both equipment and users from any damage or injury.

    Why choose an RCBO from ABB's range?

    ABB's range includes RCBO's with a large variety of different breaking capacities, meaning there is a product to suit many different customer requirements. ABB RCBO's are a versatile choice and are available for use in a variety of industrial applications, as well as in domestic applications, such as appliances around the home.

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