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    Type B RCBO

    RCBO stands for Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current. RCBOs combine the two main functions of an MCB and an RCD. They are a type of circuit protection device designed to disconnect a circuit when a current becomes unbalanced. Therefore, protecting both equipment and people.

    Here at RS, we have an extensive range of Type B RCBOs from industry-leading brands including ABB, Contactum, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Eaton

    What is a Type B RCBO?

    RCBOs will have some key attributes that differentiate them from one another. One is the trip curve or tripping characteristic. It refers to the operational and tripping behaviour of an RCBO, in the event of a short circuit or overload. A type B RCBO is designed to trip at fault currents of 3-5 times the rated current.

    Where would I use a Type B RCBO?

    An RCBO type B are generally best suited to domestic applications, however, they can in be used in light commercial scenarios where the switching surge is low.

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