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    ABB System M Pro RCBOs

    ABB System M Pro residual current circuit breakers with over current protection, are a range designed to ensure both protection and efficiency. ABB RCBO's are suitable for applications where protection from both overcurrent and earth leakage is required. ABB's System M Pro range are a series of compact RCBOs that are ideal for areas where space may need to be considered, without compromising the functionality and quality of the product.

    How do ABB's System M Pro RCBOs work?

    ABB's range of System M Pro residual circuit breakers, with over current protection, work by enforcing a combined overload and short circuit protection, with protection against earth leakage currents. They ensure the protection of both users and equipment, by disconnecting the circuit as soon as a current becomes unbalanced. ABB's System M Pro range of RCBOs encompasses a vast range of products with varying breaking capacities, that can be used in many applications, including both industrial applications and domestic applications, such as home appliances.

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