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    Eaton PXK RCBOs

    For optimal protection against electrical faults, the Eaton PXK series RCBOs are the perfect solution.

    What's an RCBO and how does it work?

    An RCBO is a device which merges the functionality of an RCD (residual current device) and an MCB (miniature circuit breaker). This enables it to detect and guard against ground faults whilst also offering overcurrent protection in one handy unit. With an RCBO you can ensure enhanced safety for your people and equipment, as the risk of electrical fires and shocks is reduced. They work by checking for abnormal conditions and instantly shutting off the power if a fault is detected.

    Eaton's PXK series include features such as: easy DIN rail mounting, Type A, B, or C tripping, wide operating temperature ranges for use in tough environments, sensitivity to pulse current, breaking capacity of 10 kA, and compatibility with standard busbars. They are single pole RCBOs.

    Eaton serve over 175 countries and are a trusted industry leader in creating innovative power management solutions. Their products are designed to provide greater reliability, sustainability, safety, and efficiency, so you can rely on them for any application.

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