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    Eaton Memshield RCBOs

    Ensure comprehensive protection for your electrical power distribution system and devices with the Eaton Memshield range of RCBOs.

    What's an RCBO?

    An RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection) is a device used in electrical installations to protect against faults and shocks in a circuit. It has the functions of both an RCD and MCB. It will monitor the flow of current and will trip if it detects a fault or overcurrent, to cut off the power supply. This guards against hazards occurring such as electric shocks, or fires, which could cause damage to equipment or injury to persons. You can find these devices used in many industries and sectors such as in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, construction, healthcare, hospitality, data centres, as well as commercial and residential areas.

    Supported by Eaton's long history as global power management experts, Eaton Memshield RCBOs are designed to provide dependable, safe, and high-performance protection. They offer advantages such as positive contact indication, a compact and modular design, 30mA trip sensitivity, DIN rail mounting, Type B and Type C tripping, and a test trip button.

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