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    ABB Junction Boxes

    Take a look at our extensive range of junction boxes, brought to you in partnership with the global technology giant ABB. A junction box is used for connecting wires and the box required is selected depending on the application for which it is being used. Junction boxes may also be referred to as outlet boxes or electrical outlet boxes because they provide a secure enclosure for electrical wiring and devices. They act as housing to protect electrical devices and wiring from external elements, such as weathering and vandalism. ABB junction boxes can be supplemented by a wide variety of optional accessories and equipment, making installation quick and easy

    Are ABB's junction boxes waterproof?

    ABB's versatile range includes junction boxes that include membrane cable entries and have been manufactured using two-component technology, making them suitable for wet areas. The knock-out membranes on these devices act as gaskets.

    What IP ratings do ABB's junction boxes meet?

    ABB's junction boxes meet a range of ingress protection (IP) ratings, depending on the application they will be used for. The most common IP ratings within the range include:

    • IP44 rated junction boxes are protected against water splashes as well as solid objects that are bigger than 1mm
    • IP55 rated boxes are protected from solid objects and water jets from any directions (from a 6.3mm nozzle)
    • IP65 rated junction boxes are completely protected against low pressure water jets and the ingress of dust
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