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    ABB IP55 Junction Boxes

    Please browse our range of IP55 rated junction boxes, bought to you by our partner brand ABB. ABB's IP55 rated junction boxes offer protection from water jets from any direction (from a 6.3mm nozzle), as well as protection from the intrusion of solid objects.

    What is an IP rating?

    An Ingress Protection (IP) rating is a two-digit grading system that is applied to enclosures that house electrical, or mechanical wiring and devices. An enclosures IP rating gives customers a clear idea of the item's resistance to various external elements. An IP rating indicates the following three criteria:

    • An enclosures resistance to moisture ingress
    • An enclosures resistance to ingress from dust, dirt, and other foreign bodies
    • An enclosures resistance to Ingress from a user's fingers and hands etc.

    The first digit in an enclosures IP rating refers to the level of protection from foreign bodies and particulate ingress, whilst the second digit denotes the enclosure's level of protection from moisture ingress.

    What does the Ingress Protection rating IP55 stand for?

    An IP55 rated junction box from ABB's range offers level 5 partial protection against dust and other particulates. A IP44 rating also indicates the enclosure offers level 5 protection from moisture ingress, keeping its contents safe from low-pressure jets (6.3mm), directed from any angle.

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