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    ABB IP65 Junction Boxes

    Please browse ABB's high-quality range of IP65 rated junction boxes. A junction box, or outlet box, is a secure enclosure that is used for connecting wires, such as electrical wires and devices. A junction box acts as housing to protect wiring and electrical devices from any external elements that could damage them, such as vandalism and weathering. ABB's IP65 rated junction boxes offer complete protection against low pressure water jets and the ingress of dust.

    What is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating?

    An IP rating, or Ingress Protection mark is normally a two-digit grading system that is applied to an enclosure that houses mechanical or electrical items. An IP rating gives customers a clear indication of the enclosure's resistance to various external elements and intrusions. An IP rating denotes three key metrics:

    • An enclosures resistance to ingress from dust, dirt, and other foreign bodies
    • An enclosures resistance to moisture ingress
    • An enclosures resistance to ingress from a user's hands, fingers etc.

    The first digit in an IP rating refers to the enclosure's protection from particulate ingress and foreign bodies and the second digit refers to the enclosure's protection from moisture ingress.

    What does the Ingress Protection rating IP65 mean?

    An IP65 rated junction box from ABB's range offers the highest rated protection "level 6" from foreign body and particulate ingress. An IP65 rated enclosure offers its contents full protection against dust and particulates and has a vacuum seal, which is tested against continuous airflow. In terms of protection from moisture ingress, the enclosure is rated a median level 5, meaning it offers its contents protection against low-pressure jets (6.3mm), or directed water from any angle.

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