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    Hammond Junction Boxes

    Hammond junction boxes can also be identified as electrical outlet boxes. These boxes serve as an enclosure protecting and securing electrical equipment from external influences. These external factors include high temperatures, water, dirt, dust, oil, and corrosive environments. Hammond junction boxes provide high quality insulation and protection suitable for a variety of applications. These junction boxes are intended for use as general purpose enclosures, electrical enclosures, and hydraulic and pneumatic control housings.

    Junction boxes provide points of entry for lighting and electrical cables. Available in an array of different forms and sizes. It is imperative to make the right selection ensuring safety and legal compliance. It is also important to consider other aspects such as mounting type, IP rating and material. Stainless steel hinges, doors and gaskets can also be used for support and sealing.

    Types of Hammond Junction Boxes

    A variety of Hammond Junction Boxes are available at RS ready for free next day delivery. Junction boxes are available in a range of different dimensions and materials. Complaint with IP54 and IP66. These adaptable multipurpose boxes are formulated in different materials to suit the need of the type of application or environment in which the box will be situated within. All internal components are then secured by a sealed lid. Hammond junction boxes are manufactured in die cast aluminium, polycarbonate, polyester, and stainless steel. Suitable for a range of commercial and industrial needs.

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