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    ABB IP44 Junction Boxes

    Please look at our range of IP44 rated junction boxes, bought to you in partnership with ABB, the globally renowned technology giant. ABB's IP44 rated junction boxes, or enclosures, protect their contents against water splashes, as well as solid objects that are bigger than 1mm.

    What is an Ingress Protection (IP) rating?

    An IP rating is usually a two-digit grading system that is given to an enclosure that houses mechanical, or electrical wiring and devices. An IP rating allows customers to have a clear idea of an enclosure's resistance to various intrusions. An IP rating highlights an enclosures resistance to the following:

    • Moisture ingress
    • Ingress from dust, dirt, and other foreign bodies
    • Ingress from a user's fingers and hands etc.

    The first digit in an IP rating refers to the enclosure's protection from foreign bodies and particulate ingress, whilst the second digit refers to the enclosure's level of protection from moisture ingress.

    What does the Ingress Protection rating IP44 stand for?

    An IP44 rated junction box from ABB's range offers level 4 protection from foreign body and particulate ingress, meaning it protects its contents fromsolid objects larger than 1mm, such as nails, screws, fine tools and wires, larger insects, and other invasive objects. An IP44 rated box also offers level 4 ingress protection rating, meaning it protects against splashing water from any direction and has been tested for a minimum of 10 minutes with an oscillating spray.

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