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    LAPP Twisted Pair Data Cables

    Twisted pair data cables are constructed with conductors that are twisted into pairs. LAPP's twisted pair data cables are manufactured with a minimum of two conductors and are ideal for applications where bandwidth is hugely important. Twisting the wires in a cable allows a circuit that can channel data to be created, whilst limiting interference from electromagnetic waves and other external factors. LAPP's offering includes both shielded twisted pair cables (STP) and unshielded twisted pair cables (UTP). The range also comprises an array of sizes, materials, shield types and colours, to suit a variety of applications.

    What does twisting the wires in a twisted pair data cable achieve?

    Twisting the wires in a cable results in external waves and noise signals being successfully dampened. Therefore, LAPP's twisted pair data cables are ideally suited to modern Ethernet networks, amongst other applications, where the transmission of data is the key task.

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