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    Belden 2 Pair Twisted and Multicore Data Cables

    Choose from Belden's range of 2 pair twisted data cables for a dependable and high-performance connectivity solution.

    What are twisted pair and multipair cables?

    Twisted and multipair cables are types of copper cabling which transmit information and are typically used in computer networking and telecommunication systems. Twisted pair cables feature two conductors on a single circuit which are twisted together and encased in an outer sheath. Twisted pair cabling carries signals in opposite directions to negate interference caused by electromagnetic fields around wires. This is known as cancellation. A multipair cable is an electronic cable that consists of multiple groups of twisted-pair circuits.

    Popular 2 pair cables from Belden include the 8723 series, 9842 series, 9729 series, and 3107A series. The screened 2 pair cables ensure minimal risk of interference from electrical noise to give you high-quality signal transmission. Belden's unique Beldfoil® shield is designed to be strong yet thin and lightweight, and provides added insulation alongside high coverage. Belden cables also come with hard-wearing outer jackets made of materials such as PVC, PUR, and LSZH, offering various properties such as high mechanical strength, flexibility, chemical resistance, and flame retardant capabilities.

    When it comes to designing and manufacturing advanced signal transmission technology, Belden are experts. Their products are made to meet high global standards for quality and safety so that you can experience unbeatable performance and reliability for any application.

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