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    LAPP Data Cables

    In partnership with LAPP, we bring to you an extensive range of both multicore and twisted pair data cables, that are ideal for use in telecommunication systems and computer networking applications. LAPP's offering includes data cables in a range of colours, shield types, sizes and materials, to suit every desired customer requirement. Both multicore and twisted pair data cables are types of copper cables that are designed and manufactured to channel information from one source to another.

    What is the difference between a multicore cable and a twisted pair cable?

    The primary difference between multicore and twisted pair cables is their conductor construction. A multicore cable consists of multiple individual cores, whilst a twisted pair cable consists of conductors that are twisted into pairs.

    A twisted pair cable has a minimum of two copper conductors and is suitable for most modern Ethernet networks, amongst other things. In data communication applications, bandwidth is a hugely important factor and twisting the wires in a cable forms a circuit that can transmit data, whilst minimising electromagnetic and external interference. Twisting the wires helps dampen external waves and noise signals. LAPP supplies two types of twisted pair cables, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP).

    A multicore cable consists of multiple cores and therefore combines multiple signals into one single cable. LAPP's multicore cables ideally act as general-purpose cables that excel in power distribution applications, while twisted pair versions perform well at recording and transmission applications.

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