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    LAPP Multicore Data Cables

    LAPP's range of data cables includes a high-quality selection of multicore cables that are ideal for power distribution applications. Multicore data cables are general purpose and combine multiple signals, within their single shielded structure, into a single cable. Multicore cables have shields that provide the cable with protection, making them suitable for sturdier working conditions. They are designed to transmit information from one initial data source to another destination data source and are ideally suited for use in computer networking and telecommunications applications. Multicore cables have more than one conductor and customers can choose the required product specification and number of conductors needed, based on the application it is to be used for.

    What applications are LAPP multicore data cables most suited to?

    Due to their multicore construction, LAPP multicore data cables are ideally suited to applications where high-power demand may lead to more wear and tear, harsh working conditions and a high degree of operational stress.

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