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    Belden RS-485 Cable

    Choose from Beldens excellent range of RS-485 Data Cables for efficient and secure data transmission in demanding environments.

    Beldens RS-485 cables are perfect for industrial automation applications as they have low-capacitance and can perform well over long distances. They are designed for high reliability, able to handle harsh environmental stressors such as water, noise, crushing, flame, and sun.

    What is RS-485?

    This term refers to an industry standard for defining the electrical characteristics of serial lines in serial communication systems (methods of sending data). This standard is useful for industrial control systems as it ensures signal transmission over long distances and electrically noisy environments, in installations where many devices may need to be interconnected.

    Beldens offer includes the 9841 series single-pair twisted pair cables and 9842 cables with 2 pairs of tinned copper wire conductors. Both feature PE insulation and an overall Beldfoil + tinned copper braid shield, providing superior protection against interference and reducing signal loss. They also have great physical resilience due to the tough PVC outer sheath.

    Beldens 3107A data cables provide sunlight and oil resistance and have crush-resistant foam HDPE insulation, ensuring that they can withstand harsh industrial installations. They use 2-pairs of stranded 22 AWG conductors.

    Why choose Belden?

    Belden are committed to providing innovative, dependable, and high-performance data and AV signal transmission solutions. Their products are trusted worldwide in a variety of industries due to their great reputation for top-quality cabling. With cables that are tested and manufactured to meet strict quality standards, they deliver solutions you can depend on.

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