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    Belden Twisted & Multipair Industrial Cable

    Ensure high performance cabling for demanding applications with Belden’s family of twisted pair and multipair industrial cables.

    Belden is an industry expert on signal transmission solutions, with over 100 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative networking, connectivity and cabling products. Their products adhere to strict quality standards to give you fully dependable, long-lasting connection solutions.

    What are twisted pair and multipair cables?

    Twisted and multipair cables are types of copper cabling which transmit information and are typically used in computer networking and telecommunication systems. Twisted pair cables feature two conductors on a single circuit which are twisted together and encased in an outer sheath. Twisted pair cabling carries signals in opposite directions to negate interference caused by electromagnetic fields around wires. This is known as cancellation. A multipair cable is an electronic cable that consists of multiple groups of twisted-pair circuits.

    Belden’s portfolio includes screened and unscreened cables to suit your needs. They use their patented Beldfoil aluminium polyester shielding to provide optimal protection against electrical magnetic interference for many products, such as the Belden 8723 individually shielded cables and 9842 two-pair computer cables. Beldfoil is also lightweight, thin, and flexible as well as strong, making these products a versatile option for many applications. Many include tough PVC outer jackets to ensure high resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

    For superior reliability and performance for your industrial installation, choose from Belden’s excellent range of twisted and multipair cables today.

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