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    Belden 4 Core Screened Control Cable

    Here at RS we have a great selection of 4 core screened control cables from Belden. The Belden control cables are ideal for industrial installations and are field tested and proven. Their range includes screened 4 core cables with features and advantages such as:

    - Conductors made of materials such as bare copper or silver-plated copper for optimal conductivity and protection against corrosion

    - Best-in-class Beldfoil® shielding, which is a strong, flexible, and thin shield that minimises signal distortion and loss

    - Jackets comprised of materials such as PVC and LSZH, offering benefits such as resistance to abrasions, oils and chemicals, high durability, flexibility, and flame retardant properties

    - PP, PE, PVC and TFE insulation, which keeps conductors separate, helps to defend against wire wear and tear, and resists electrical leakage

    - Broad operating temperature ranges for use in harsh conditions, including up to +200°C

    - Tinned copper drain wires for effective grounding

    These cables can be used in a variety of applications, like production lines, conveyors, computer units, PA systems, sound and audio systems, control panels, security systems, precision control sensors, and more.

    Belden have a great reputation worldwide for the high quality of their networking, connectivity, and cabling products, and a long history of creating innovative signal transmission solutions. With them you can be sure to find the perfect cable to meet your requirements.

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