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    LAPP ÖLFLEX Control Cable

    Please peruse our vast range of ÖLFLEX connecting and control cables, bought to you by our partner brand LAPP.ÖLFLEX was designed in 1959 and was the very first branded control cable in the world and the first control cable to be manufactured with colour-coded wires. To this day, the ÖLFLEX name is world renowned and with every purchase, you are guaranteed to receive a versatile, high quality cable that will fulfil even the most demanding requirements.

    LAPP's ÖLFLEX cable range is flexible, universally applicable and almost entirely oil-resistant. The range is ideal for both wet and dry conditions, indoor and outdoor use and various temperature ranges, making it a comprehensive choice for all environmental conditions. ÖLFLEX cable is available with international licenses, is halogen-free and suitable for fixed connection and energy supply chains. The versatile control cable range is the perfect choice for many fields of application including public buildings, airports and stations, wind-powered and photovoltaic plants, stage engineering, the food and drinks industry, mechanical, tool system and apparatus engineering and many more. The ÖLFLEX cabling range is the answer to even the most challenging requirements for mechanical and electrical properties.

    For many years, LAPP have led the way when it comes to cables, providing elite products that are consumers' choice for numerous applications where high quality and durability are paramount. When browsing the ÖLFLEX range of connecting and control cables, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a product to suit your requirements. LAPP's ÖLFLEX range includes cable with high mechanical and chemical resistance, cable suited to expanded ambient temperatures, PVC cable, CY, SY and YY cable and cable suited to intrinsically safe circuits, to name just a few.

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