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    Belden 8 Core Control Cable

    If you need a control cable with excellent signal transmission capabilities, try Belden's 8 core control cables for your installation.

    What are control cables?

    This type of cabling is typically used in automation and control to send electrical signals to equipment and machinery. 8 core Belden cables contain 8 conductors, usually copper wires, surrounded by insulation to defend against signal disruption caused by electromagnetic interference. This construction is then encased in a protective sheath made of a tough insulating material such as PVC.

    As a prominent industry leader in the design and creation of cabling, networking, and connectivity solutions Belden is trusted worldwide for their high-performance, high-quality products. They have a vast range to choose from, so that you can find the perfect fit for your application. Their control cables are field tested and proven to perform in industrial applications, meaning that you can rely on them in the most demanding areas.

    The 8 core Belden cables come in various lengths such as 50m, 100m and 152m to suit your needs. They can also withstand high temperatures, for example 75°C and 80°C. Jackets made of Polyvinyl Chloride provide excellent resistance to abrasions, oils and chemicals, while the Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheathed units emit minimal smoke in the event of a fire, for improved safety. Some versions include the best-in-class Beldfoil® shielding, which is a polyester/aluminium foil that provides enhanced protection against EMI and signal loss.

    Where are they used

    Suitable applications for the 8 core cables include sound and audio systems, intercom and alarm systems, control panels, production machinery, and temperature controllers, amongst others.

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