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    LAPP SY Cable

    LAPP SY control cable has all the benefits of LAPP's standard ÖLFLEX Classic range, with the additional protection of a galvanised steel wire braid and a transparent PVC outer sheath. The SY cable range is designed for measuring control or regulation under tough mechanical stresses. SY control cable is stronger than CY and YY control cable and is widely used in installations requiring free movement, without tensile stresses. LAPP's SY cable range offers both easy installation and impressive flexibility, making it suitable for applications requiring a high degree of mechanical protection. The SY range is ideal for the machine tool industry, as well as many other industrial applications and are often found to extend the service life of an installation, proving the protection it provides to be invaluable.

    LAPP are a global leader in the field of cables, leads and cable accessories. The family-owned brand is internationally renowned for its high quality products and customer-oriented approach. LAPP's range of SY control cable is the ideal solution to your cabling needs. LAPP cables are designed and manufactured in line with European Standards; both British Standard BS6360 and German VDE 0295 Class 5.

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