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    Black Trunking

    Looking for Black trunking for your next application? Well, you have come to the right place. Here at RS, we are pleased to offer you a great selection of black cable trunking for all of your cable management needs. Our black trunking is available in a range of different sizes, supplied in handy 1m and 2m lengths.

    Black cable trunking is used to organise, support, and protect cables. It offers a sleek and contemporary alternative to standard white or grey trunking. The black plastic material works well with dark décor and flooring creating a flawless finish.

    What are the different types of Black Trunking?

    Slotted Panel Trunking

    This black electrical trunking comes in both open and closed slots. Easy to install this trunking is perfect for use in control panels and cabinets and data centres.

    Cable Chain

    This black flexible trunking is specifically designed to support and protect moving cables. Highly durable and robust it is often used in heavy-duty applications such as process and automation machinery, robotics, washing systems and cranes.

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