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    Mini Trunking

    Mini cable trunking is a smaller version of standard-size trunking. Mini trunking is perfect for organising and protecting fewer cables and single cables. Compact in-design mini plastic trunking is ideal for space-saving cable management applications.

    RS offer a great selection of high-quality Mini trunking from well-known brands such as Schneider Electric, Legrand and of course RS PRO.

    What are the advantages of using Mini Trunking?

    • Easy to install: Often supplied with an adhesive backing so can be attached to most surfaces quickly and easily.
    • Cost-effective: Mini trunking is usually supplied in long lengths. It can easily be cut to size saving any waste product.
    • Convenient: Mini trunking features a lid that can be snapped into place easily. Perfect for any moves adds or changes.
    • Durable Construction: Mini trunking is typically made from PVC and UPVC. Great chemical and corrosion resistance for long-lasting protection.
    • Safe: PVC is non-conductive and provides good insulation assuring a safe system
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