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    Metal Trunking

    Cable trunking not only protects cables and wires from damage but also ensures they are kept tidy and organised. For harsher environments, metal trunking offers a more robust solution than its plastic counterpart. Our metal trunking can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, constructed from aluminium, galvanised steel or stainless steel.

    RS offers a great selection of metal trunking from well-known brands such as Schneider Electric, Planet-Wattohm and of course RS PRO.

    What are the different types of metal trunking?

    Galvanised Trunking

    This type of trunking is particularly suited to harsher applications and environments. Galvanised steel trunking is mainly used outdoors and underground cable runs. It can also be used where a higher degree of moisture exposure is likely.

    Stainless Steel Trunking

    This type of trunking is used in applications where corrosion resistance and hygienic properties are required, such as laboratories, hospitals, or food manufacturing. Due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance stainless steel trunking is installed where a cable run is visible, such as in offices, shops or even homes.

    Aluminium Trunking

    This type of metal trunking is both lightweight and durable. It is a versatile cable management system used to make busbar trunking, dado trunking, bench trunking and floor trunking.

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