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    PVC Trunking

    PVC Trunking is one of the most popular types of cable trunking used in industry today. It is designed to protect cables from damage and shield them from dirt and dust.

    Plastic trunking also provides an efficient way to manage your cables and wires whilst hiding them from view. Made from high-quality, durable materials PVC cable trunking is suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and domestic applications.

    RS offers an extensive range of PVC cable trunking from well-known brands including Helllermann Tyton, Betaduct, Schneider Electric and of course RS PRO. We also stock a selection of cable trunking accessories to complement and complete your installation.

    What are the different types of PVC Trunking?

    We have a great range of easy-to-install, lightweight PVC trunking solutions in various sizes and colours. They include slotted panel trunking, Dado trunking, PVC mini trunking, skirting trunking, and power pole trunking.

    PVC Trunking Sizes

    Our robust trunking comes in many sizes to accommodate small wires and large bundles of cables. Some of the most common are;

    • 25x25mm PVC trunking
    • 50x50mm PVC trunking
    • 75x50mm PVC trunking
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