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    Moflash Sounder Beacons

    Sounder Beacons provide an ideal signalling solution for the noisy and busy environments of the modern world. These devices help to improve safety by giving clear visual and audible signals that can warn and instruct people during emergencies or in hazardous situations. They are designed to be both easily seen and heard.

    Moflash offers a broad range of Sounder Beacons to suit any application and fully optimise your signal safety system. The Moflash family includes Buzzers, Alarms, and Electronic Sounders with LED, Xenon, and Incandescent bulb options. These units feature flashing, steady, or rotating light effects to help meet different requirements. They also come available in a wide variety of lens colours. Moflash Sounder Beacons are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications and are sealed to IP65/IP66, making them highly weatherproof and dust-tight.

    The LEDA100 Series Buzzers feature 2 selectable stages of alarm: flashing or continuous. They include a Piezo Buzzer in the base which is synchronised to the flash rate. The LED bulb ensures long-life and efficiency due to low-energy cost, while also giving a high level of brightness. These Sounder Beacons provide 360° light output around the vertical axis for optimal visibility.

    The LEDA125 Series Multi-Function Beacons feature 2 Piezo Buzzers which can be controlled separately to the light. They feature a 3-stage alarm option: Continuous, Flashing mode at 1Hz, and Flashing at 2Hz. These models are perfect for security, process control, and industrial installations which need a low maintenance, long-lasting solution.

    Moflash is a trusted industry leader in developing and manufacturing signalling technology, with over 20 years of experience. For maximum protection and workflow efficiency choose from the range of Moflash Sounder Beacons today.

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