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    Sounder Beacons

    A Sounder Beacon is an alarm which has both audio and visual properties and which is usually used in emergency situations, such as fire alarms for evacuations or on emergency vehicles to alert road users. The Sounder emits a loud audible alarm to raise alert to a hazard, while the Beacon provides a clear visual alert - usually by a flashing indicator light through a coloured lens. Conventional Sounder Beacons are often used in commercial and industrial sectors and can be found in public places such as schools, warehouses, offices, construction sites, laboratories and industrial parks.

    How do Sounder Beacons work?

    The audio and visual alarms in Sounder Beacons are integrated, making it an enhanced warning device. They can come with different tones incorporating high frequencies, low frequencies and industry-standard frequency patterns. They have different coloured lenses to give an improved warning signal. There is a wide range of alarm system equipment options available for both indoor and outdoor use. Some Sounder Beacons are equipped with volume control and tunable features. Beacons may be constructed with halogen bulbs similar to those used in xenon flashtubes or LED floodlights.

    What's the coverage area of a sounder beacon?

    Typically, the audio range of a sounder beacon will be between 5 and 15 decibels (dB (A)) above the ambient noise level. There are many considerations when working out the coverage of a sounder beacon, for example, you'll need to take into account any noise like the sound of people or machinery.

    Why choose Sounder Beacons from RS?

    At RS we have a broad range of robust Sounder Beacons to fully suit your needs. We stock combined sounder and beacon products from reliable brands such as Fulleon Flashni, Klaxon, e2s, Werma, Patlite, Schneider Electric and Moflash. We also have our own versatile RS Pro range, specially designed and rigorously tested to high industry standards for maximum longevity, efficiency, protection, and ease-of-installation. With our RS Pro audio visual alarm system solutions you can trust that you will get exceptional quality for great value.

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