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    WERMA EvoSIGNAL Sounder Beacons

    Sounder Beacons are a visual and audio alarm warning device typically used in emergency situations such as on emergency vehicles or evacuations. The beacons alert visionally by flashing and the sounder alerts audibly with high and low frequencies. The sound can be adjusted depending on environment, such as to be heard over machinery. Other types of sounder beacons can be seen in areas such as warehouses and schools.

    Sounder beacons may have halogen bulbs and can have different coloured lenses depending on warning signals. They can also be used internally and externally.

    The EvoSIGNAL range from WERMA come in three different sizes- EvoSIGNAL MINI, EvoSIGNAL Midi and EvoSIGNAL Maxi. These can all be used inside or outside.

    The EvoSIGNAL MINI is for smaller spaces usually on smaller devices or machines. The EvoSIGNAL Midi and EvoSIGNAL Maxi are commonly used on gates and doors aswell as machinery.

    WERMA is a growing globally company founded in 1950 and describe themselves as Europes leading signal.

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