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    Clifford & Snell Beacons

    Clifford & Snell is an experienced developer of quality audible and visual signalling devices. A history dating back to 1929 sees Clifford & Snell pioneer ingenious solutions which have become the foundation for subsequent signalling advances. A comprehensive range of products includes reliable beacons suited to the requirements of various industry sectors. These versatile beacons are ideal for hazard identification, process control, and security provision, among other applications.

    Choose from our range of Clifford & Snell beacons, in multiple colours with options for electrical configuration.

    Intuitive signalling devices for optimal industrial safety

    Beacons are a type of signalling device that use a visual medium to communicate a command or identify a hazard. Beacons feature a lighting element which is encased beneath a translucent cover, the cover is commonly either red, amber, or green, to correspond with a relevant command or hazard state. Red is indicative of imminent danger, commanding immediate action. Amber alerts personnel of potential danger, advising caution or monitoring. Green identifies normal operation that does not require intervention. Beacons can additionally feature controllable flashing or rotating functionality, which enhances visibility in environments where a static illumination may not be noticed.

    Beacons are suited to a range of commercial and industrial applications. They can be employed to support fire safety procedures, alerting of the need to evacuate and identifying a safe exit route. They can be mounted to machinery to instruct personnel on safe usage. They can additionally be mounted to vehicles to alert of their presence in noisy environments.

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