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    Schneider Electric Beacons

    Schneider Electric offer a broad selection of dependable, durable, and highly visible signalling devices to meet the busy and demanding environments of the modern world.

    Beacons are electronic devices which provide clear visual signals to guide, warn, and instruct people when emergencies or hazardous situations are occurring. Beacons, also called beacon lights, are especially important in industrial and automation applications to ensure personnel can respond safely to a situation. These devices can vary in light effect, lens colour, bulb types, and duration of the signal. They are also often used to indicate the status of machine processes, which helps to improve workflow efficiency.

    The Schneider Electric Harmony XVB series of beacons ensure up to 360 degree visibility and are perfect for indicating different states of operation for machinery such as: start, stop, no material, call technical staff, and fault signalling. The XVBL beacons are readily assembled and give steady or flashing light effects to suit your needs, using LEDs, incandescent bulbs or discharge tubes.

    The Harmony XVR illuminated beacons are rotating and flashing units featuring a unique motor-less design which enhances service life and reduces maintenance requirements. These visual alarms have a sleek, modern appearance and come pre-wired for effortless set-up. The XVR beacons also offer a wide voltage input for greater application flexibility and have a high degree of vibration resistance. In addition, Harmony XVR rotating beacons feature Super Bright LED bulbs to give you maximum visibility in an energy efficient package. Choose from amber, blue, red and green.

    With Schneider Electric’s excellent portfolio of beacons at RS you are sure to find an ideal warning or signalling solution for your application!

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