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    WERMA Beacons

    With over 60 years of experience in signalling, WERMA knows the importance of warning, guiding, and protecting people, and have designed their beacons with purpose and safety at the forefront. The WERMA beacon range aims to cover a large variety of needs and applications in few part numbers, keeping choice simple and easy.

    What is a Beacon?

    A beacon is a visual alarm used to guide, warn, and protect people. This can be through flashing, rotating or even strobe lights. With the use of different coloured lenses (amber, red, blue, etc.) the correct alert or warning light can be found for any application.

    What are Beacons used for?

    Beacons are important in many industrial and automation applications, for example, a red flashing beacon could be used in an emergency warning system to alert users to hazards, whereas an amber beacon could be used to indicate a machine is in use.

    WERMA LED EvoSIGNAL Beacon Range

    The LED EvoSIGNAL beacon range incorporates WERMA’s latest LED beacon technology to aid quick identification of threats and risks clearly and simply.

    Available in 3 sizes, Maxi, Midi, and Mini, these high quality LED light beacons are designed to cover a vast array of safety, alert and warning applications whilst providing excellent visibility, high-performance light output and low energy consumption. A modular design gives users the flexibility to install the beacon wherever is needed. Even better, the EvoSIGNAL range is IP66 rated making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

    Featuring twin function LED light effects in all EvoSIGNAL beacons allowing for multiple configurations in one beacon; TwinFLASH provides a steady or blinking flash pattern whereas TwinLIGHT provides double flash and EVS light effect functionality.

    With so many different types of beacons out there, WERMA has created the EvoSIGNAL line with backwards compatibility in mind. Other LED beacons, like the BM series, can now be used in more settings than before by taking advantage of the new modular mounting accessories to extend the range of safety.

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