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    Green Flashing Beacon

    Although green flashing beacons are normally associated with a doctor attending an emergency, they can also be used on plant machinery. Green flashing beacons are also used to indicate that a seatbelt is securely fastened by an operator driving diggers and trucks.

    Our green beacons are available in both LED and Xenon light effects to suit every application

    RS offer a great selection of green flashing beacons from industry-leading brands including Moflash, Klaxon, Schneider Electric, Clifford & Snell, and of course RS PRO.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Constructed from hard-wearing tough materials
    • High efficiency and long-lasting
    • Range of mounting options including magnetic mount, base mount, panel mount, wall mount, tube mount, and surface mount.
    • Ingress protection ranging from splashproof IP23 to weatherproof IP65, IP66 and IP67
    • Supply voltages including 230 V ac and low voltage AC/DC.
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