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    Moflash Beacons

    Moflash is an established leader in the global signalling market, offering a wide range of visual signalling and warning devices including LED beacons, Xenon beacons, halogen and traditional incandescent options. Included in the Moflash offer are steady and flashing beacon light patterns, rotating beacons, and a huge variety of lens colours, bulb types and mounting styles. Moflash has the right light beacon for any application!

    Why Choose Moflash Beacons?

    Moflash beacons and warning lights offer a wide choice of outputs, sizes, voltages and provide the option for selectable operation modes such as flashing, non-flashing, strobe and rotating outputs. Offering an ingress of protection from IP65 - IP67 these high-quality beacons are ideal for industrial, fire, emergency and general visual alarm signalling applications.

    Types of Moflash Beacons

    LED Beacons are a long-lasting and efficient low-energy option, by using LEDs (light-emitting diodes) these beacons provide a bright and clear light source with high visibility. LEDs are a reliable form of lighting that can withstand adverse temperatures, impact and vibration making them the ideal choice when hazard and safety light beacons are required.

    Xenon Beacons and lights are a popular warning beacon choice, they have a discharge capacitor operating through a converter circuit that ignites Xenon gas inside a tube creating a brilliant flash of white light. Xenon gas ignites virtually instantaneously so maximum brightness and light output are obtained immediately. The Moflash Xenon range offers outputs varying from 1-25 Joules.

    Rotating Beacons and lights incorporate a parabolic reflector which when energised, revolves around a continuously illuminated lamp, creating a powerful beam of light. There is a wide range of voltage choices as well as low profile and magnetic base options.

    With a variety of lens colours including classic red, amber, blue and green as well as base mount, surface and wall mount options, there's a Moflash Beacon to suit any need!

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