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    Green Beacons

    Green beacons are associated with security and safety. They can indicate that an emergency is being dealt with. When used on sites, factories, and warehouses it can also indicate that machinery and equipment are running well with no issues. Green beacons are also used to show that a driver or operator has their seatbelt securely fastened.

    RS offer a great selection of Green beacon lights from industry-leading brands including Moflash, Klaxon, Schneider Electric, Clifford & Snell, and of course RS PRO.

    Robust and reliable our red beacons are available in a range of different light effects such as flashing, rotating, steady and strobe. Bulb types include LED, Xenon, and incandescent.

    Features and Benefits

    • Manufactured from high-quality tough materials
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • Supply voltages including 230 V ac and low voltage AC/DC.
    • Range of mounting options including magnetic mount, base mount, panel mount, wall mount, tube mount, and surface mount.
    • Splashproof, weatherproof, and waterproof with ingress protection ratings including IP23, IP56, IP65, IP66, and IP67.
    • Standard base, deep base, and shallow base options.
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