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Super Glues

Cyanoacrylate adhesives are fast acting, strong adhesives more commonly known as ’superglue’ or ’krazy glue’. Super glue comes in the form of a liquid or gel, and is normally supplied in a tube.

How do they work?

Cyanoacrylate is a type of resin that bonds almost immediately when it comes into contact with water. Practically any surface that you want to glue has trace amounts of water on the surface, while some water is present in the air. Superglue is a permanent adhesive and is very strong.

Who uses superglue?

Superglue can be used in practically any environment or industry, including:

  • Homes
  • Electronics
  • Factories
  • Aircraft
  • Automobiles

Is it also incredibly helpful for hobbyists.


  • Superglue acts almost instantly.
  • It is ideal for small bonds that are frequently used.
  • Many tubes of superglue have long necks or applicators that prevent you from getting glue on your hands. Some also feature brushes to make application easier.
  • Superglue is incredibly easy to use and there is no need to clamp the materials. Simply apply the glue and hold the two bonded surfaces together for around 30 seconds until it sets. It can take a few hours to cure fully.
  • It dries clear, or almost clear.
  • It can be water resistant once set.


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